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Toys for chickins??

  • Mirrors: Chickens enjoy pecking at their own reflections.

  • Foraging balls: These toys contain treats or feed inside, encouraging chickens to work for their food.

  • Hanging toys: Chickens enjoy pecking at hanging objects, such as bunches of beads or strings of bells.

  • Sandbox: Chickens like to dust bathe and can have fun digging in a sandbox.

  • swings: Chickens like to perch and can enjoy a swing.

  • Tunnel: Chickens love to explore and can have fun going through a tunnel. It's important to

  • Ladder: Chickens enjoy climbing and a ladder provides them with an activity to do.

  • treadle feeder: This type of feeder encourages chickens to work for their food by stepping on a treadle to release food.

  • treat ball: similar to a foraging ball, this toy releases treats as the chickens roll it around.

  • coop puzzle: These are interactive toys that can be placed inside the coop to keep chickens occupied and mentally stimulated.

  • scratch block: Chickens enjoy pecking at wood, so a scratch block provides them with a natural material to peck at.

  • roosting perch: Chickens like to roost (perch to sleep) and having a roosting perch can provide them with a comfortable place to rest.

  • tire swing: Chickens can enjoy a tire swing hung from a branch or coop rafter

  • suspended vegetable: Chickens can have fun pecking at suspended vegetables like lettuce or cabbage.

  • climbing frame: Chickens enjoy climbing and can have fun exploring a climbing frame made of wood or PVC pipe.

Keep in mind that chickens are flock animals and enjoy socializing with their peers, so having multiple chickens will allow them to play and interact with each other.

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