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chickens in da heat

Symptoms of Overheating:

The most obvious sign of overheating in chickens is panting. If you notice your birds panting heavily, it's a sure sign that they are too hot. Other signs to look out for include lethargy, listlessness, and a lack of appetite. If your chickens are not drinking enough water, this is also a sign of heat stress. here are a few additional signs of overheating in chickens to look out for:

  • Red comb and wattle: These are the fleshy protuberances on a chicken's head and neck. If they appear red and swollen, it's a sign that the bird is overheating.

  • Feather ruffling: Chickens will fluff up their feathers to try to cool down, if you notice this behavior it's a symptom of overheating.

  • Loss of coordination: If a chicken appears unsteady on its feet or is having difficulty walking, it could be a sign of heat stress.

It is also important to note that chickens that are overweight, have respiratory issues, or are older are at a higher risk for overheating. These chickens should be monitored more closely during hot weather.

Preventing Overheating:

The best way to prevent overheating in chickens is to make sure they have plenty of shade and access to cool water. Chickens need to be able to escape the sun during the hottest parts of the day, so make sure they have a shaded area where they can go to cool off. Additionally, make sure the water in their troughs is cool and clean. Chickens are more likely to drink water that is cool, so consider adding ice to the water during hot summer days.

Other Prevention Tips:

  • Use a fan to circulate air in the coop

  • Make sure the coop is well ventilated

  • Keep the coop clean and dry

  • Don't overcrowd the coop

  • Provide fresh food and water at all times


If you notice any of the signs of overheating in your chickens, act quickly to cool them down. Provide them with plenty of cool water and move them to a shaded area. You can also mist the birds with cool water or use a fan to cool them down. If the bird is in serious distress, you may need to seek veterinary care.

Conclusion: Spotting overheating chickens and taking action to cool them down is crucial to maintaining the health and well-being of your birds. By following the tips outlined in this blog post, you can help prevent heat stress and keep your chickens happy and healthy. Remember to always keep a close eye on your chickens during hot weather and take action if you notice any signs of overheating.

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